Meera: The Way of the Storm

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Meera, a princess of yore, dedicated her heart to Lord Krishna from an early age. As she grew, she became his most famous devotee as well as a trailblazer, social reformer, and prolific composer of songs that are still sung to this day. She endeavored to empower commoners, renounced her own priveleged life, and undertook a moving journey to some of the holiest sites associated with Lord Krishna.

This one-of-a kind musical in English captures her life from childhood through marriage and exile, and finally to her death and beyond. An imaginative tale appropriate for all ages, Meera captures one of the most famous women in the history of India.


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  • Based on the play by: Usha Akella
  • Directed by: Kanaka Sathasivan and Anu Nistala
  • Executive Producers: Vinitha Subramanian and Priya Subramony
  • Music and background score: Mahesh Mahadev
  • Singer: Dr. Priyadarshini
  • Producers: Kanaka Sathasivan and Anu Nistala
  • Choreographers: Vinitha Subramanian, Mumal Joshi, Sweety Agarwal, and Swati Kapoor
  • Costumes and Props: Mumal Joshi, Sonia Nimavat and Anu Nistala
  • Indian music track: PM Audios & Entertainments
  • Sound engineering: Prism Recording Studios, Tune Hub Studios
  • English music track: Tune Hub Studio
  • Studio recordings: Hemanth Bhagawatula and Jayeeta Dasmunshi

This project has been financed in whole or in part by the City of Austin’s Elevate Grant Program and is Sponsored by the Indian Dance Endeavor of Austin.

Supported by: Natyalaya School of Dance, Natya Sabhai Arts, Austin Nautanki, Wings School of Arts

Bharatanatyam Arangetram of Aditi Trivedi

When: Saturday, October 28, 2023. Seating starts at 2pm

Where: East View High School Theater, 4490 E University Ave, Georgetown, TX 78626