Ten dancers, 4 in white, 2 in green, and 4 in white, in formation on stage with a blue background


We are a nonprofit created to support young artists who would not otherwise be able to pursue their artistic and charitable goals. Historically, we have helped with rehearsal space, performance space, and mentoring in production and management. We are hoping to stage our first original work in 2023.

Our primary support comes from multiple performing artists and teachers in Austin, including Natyalaya School of Dance, which has been producing annual shows since 1987, Natya Sabhai Arts, which supports up to 18 productions a year from five local dance schools, and other independent professional artists, including musicians, sound directors, and photographers.

Upcoming Shows Sponsored by IDEA


IDEA is proud to sponsor this upcoming production on Meera Bai

Our past accomplishments include technical support for the Jungle Book with Natyalaya School of Dance in 2013. In 2019, we supported the rangapravesam of Akshita Bodappu from Abhinaya School of Kuchipudi. In 2021, IDEA staged the musical Agasthya with Natyalaya School of Dance. In 2022, IDEA sponsored several young debut dancers. And in 2023 sponsored the Pavithram Dance School Annual Recital and the Natyalaya Annual Recital. 

Volunteer Opportunities

IDEA is planning to start a volunteer program for young dancers to share the classical Indian arts
with underprivileged groups, including children and adults with disabilities, mental health conditions, chronic health conditions, and others.

Stay tuned for more information on this program coming soon!